The Yardley Community Centre has provided a meeting place for the residents of Yardley, Lower Makefield and Morrisville since 1851. The rear portion of the building is the original structure. This served as a meeting place for "The Sons of Temperance", and also was used as the private school in Yardley. Tuition for this school was 35 cents per week.

In 1872, one of the first Odd Fellows Halls in the country was established in this building. The Centre was enlarged in 1878 to allow church services, fire company suppers, theatre productions and other events to take place in Yardley.

The "Cob-Web Theatre" was created in the early 1930's when the hall was leased by Nat Burnes. The Yardley Community Centre Association purchased this building and incorporated it as a non- profit corporation in 1940.