About The Centre

The Yardley Community Centre is a non-profit corporation, owned by stockholders and maintained and operated by a 13 member board of directors. A few years ago, the board took on the enormous task of restoring this structure. An historic restoration architect was hired to give guidance.

  • Installation of a handicapped ramp
  • Restoration of the outside of the building.
  • Handicapped bathrooms were installed.
  • Hardwood floors and doors were replaced in the auditorium.
  • The stage ceiling is now supported by a steel beam.
  • Electrical facilities brought up to code.
  • Carpet as donated for the Pine Room.
  • Pine room was painted and draperies made by board members.
  • A new sign was donated for the front of the building.

Most of the work has been made possible through grants, private contributions, rentals and concerts. A tax deductible contribution will help in the continuing restoration and preservation of this historic building...

You can help by;

  • 1. By becoming a Member of the Centre
  • 2. By becoming a stockholder
  • 3. By making a monetary contribution

You can contact the Centre at (215) 493-0258 for more information.